Testimonials and references

Instead of providing dozens of references from past buyers,  I have selected just a few testimonials that typify the kinds of things that I hear back from buyers and their agents...


Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did on the inspection. You are hands down one of the best inspectors I have ever come across. Your attention to detail and thoroughness are very much appreciated. Thank you as well for putting that inspection video together. It has helped us tremendously! I appreciate your time and effort on all of this and I will continue to recommend your services to my clients. Thank you again.

Misty Goldston

Realtor | The Nixon Team

  "I highly recommend Brian for any kind of inspection. He was extremely thorough, and patient. He walked through the entire house with me going over every detail from room to room. He answered all of my questions never once making me feel ignorant. He took detailed time to show me where shut-off values were and how to replace simple things easily if I decided to. He has a great sense of humor and made the entire process very informative and fun. I feel very confident moving forward with my purchase, and I think that his prices for the amount of detailed work he does is very reasonable. Thanks Brian!" -Aspen

Alayna Tope

Real estate agent/investor at Keller WIlliams Northern Colorado

As a real estate professional, I get the opportunity to work with a variety of inspectors. Brian is top of my list when recommending inspectors to my clients due to his attention to detail, his flexibility of schedule and quick turnaround with his reports, patience with answering any and all questions, determination to get to the source of an issue if there is one, and his ability to make my clients feel comfortable with the process. I always know my clients are in fantastic hands when they meet with Brian.

"Over the years I have been in on several home inspections. This inspection was excellent. Brian was professional and walked us through the house and explained all his findings. The written report was thorough and easy to understand. The addition of the pictures simply made what Brian had told us easier to remember. I would recommenced Front Range Home Inspections."
-Harlan Hays

Silvia Rivera Vallejo -I highly recommend Brian Persons, he is a great home inspector and has done many home inspections for my clients.

Your professional approach to your job has impressed me very much. Your company will continue to be at the top of my referral list. I appreciate your dedication and consistency. Thank you. I look forward to telling all of my clients what a great service you provide. Please, if need a referral, I would be more than happy to tell folks about your great business.

Jake Renner



 I want to thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me regarding the condo.  I learned a lot from you in the few time we had and you took the time to listen to all my silly questions.  If you ever need a reference  please don’t hesitate to use my name or number.

 Thank you again for a great job and my new condo.

Diana Hernandez

"This was the best home inspection process that we have been through after no less than 5 home purchases.  My adult son did the walk through with Brian and was so impressed with how kind and patient Brian was that he is now very interested in learning the trade.  Thank you Brian!  I will recommend you to all!"

Kristi S.

"I was pleased with the thorough inspection, very few problems and easy solutions. Was ready to answer any questions I had or thought of. I would highly recommend Front Range Home Inspections. You may use me as a reference.
Thank you

Shirley Younger"

Hi Brian,

Thanks for doing such a great job! I have several friends that might be looking to buy a house here soon, and I will do my best to make sure they give you a call for their inspection. You were very professional, and I really value all the tips and pointers you gave me for maintaining my future home properly. As a new home-owner I was pretty nervous about all the unknowns in maintaining a household, but your advice made me feel much more confident going forward.

Thanks a million!


Mr. Persons,

Thank you so much for all of the information provided during the home inspection.That you also took the time to check out my car window was so thoughtful.  I apologize for how distracted I seemed due to the window issue.  Chevy was able to get the expensive (of course) part in the next morning and I was reminded how thankful I am for quick delivery and windows.

My son was fascinated by all that you know about houses and the systems therein.  He just kept talking about how interesting and how nice you are. Thank you so much for making a stressful trip to Greeley not just of value but also pleasant.

Kelleen Gilstad

"Thorough and reasonably priced. Brian is friendly and efficient."

Jason M

 Dear Brian,

   Thanks so much for the thorough and professional job you did on my inspection. I was impressed with all the photos illustrating your narrative. Easy to understand, and a great memory jogger for later repair. I've had experience with many inspectors and you are the best.


Patti Dickinson

Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson
Northern Colorado Realtor with RE/MAX Alliance

As a real estate agent, my clients have chosen to use Brian far more often than other Home Inspectors I also recommend (prudent for me to offer more than one referral) because he is far more responsive by answering his phone faster and being willing to take on short notice (less than 7-10 days out) requests, plus Brian is usually a few bucks less than most others I recommend, making it an easy choice for many of my clients.

I also used Brian to inspect my own residence/purchase, which speaks for itself.

Matthew Powell
Matthew Powell
Buyer Specialist

Past clients who trusted Brian with their home inspections were extremely satisfied with his service. Brains detailed inspection report and walk through after the inspection gave the home buyer the confidence to proceed with the next step. Keep up the good work!

Dori Workman
Dori Workman
Realtor Extraordinaire at Sears Real Estate

Brian has been my first choice for several years now and my clients first choice for their home inspections before purchasing a home. Brian makes himself readily available to my clients and gives them prompt, expert, thorough inspections which put them at ease about the process of buying a home. I highly recommend Brian to all Realtors and business professionals needing his service.

Thanks for the through inspection report. I think you did an awesome job! I feel very comfortable knowing I had you do the inspection, your report is done very professionally and well written. Appreciate the thoroughness of the inspection.


Regards,Donna :-)) 

"Brian was so great. Very friendly and pleasant. This is all new to me and the report is so easy to read and I'll keep it to make sure everything on the list is corrected and can remind me of what needs to be done. He made me feel like nothing got left out so there won't be any surprises when I move into the home. Thank you so much." -Patty Bodwell

In my journey in buying a home, Brian Persons has been the most honest and diligent person we've worked with. His inspections are the most thorough, and what I like the most is he actually cares about his clients. I would highly recommend Brian Persons to anyone needing a home inspection. Thanks, Brian!

-The King Family

My buyer chose to use Brian for her inspection, and I just wanted to thank you again for the recommendation.  He did a great job, and I now have an inspector I will recommend for all my buyers!  Thanks again!



"That was SO FAST! Thank you for taking care of this so quick! You ROCK! I will definitely use you again and refer business in Greeley

Thanks again!"

DM,Loan Processor

"Wow! Thank you! I appreciate your help. You may always use me as a reference...I think you did a great job."


Thanks Brian,
"The report looks great, very thorough.  I appreciate your help and professionalism.  I won't hesitate to recommend you to others in the area."

"Hi Brian-

I received the inspection report.  I was very impressed.  Thank you for doing such a great job!

Diane P"

"Dear Brian,

That was one of the best  Inspection Reports that I have ever seen in 35 years. Thank you."

Cindy's Realty


Thank you for the detailed reports and pictures, nicely done."


(California investor buying properties in Ft Collins)

Hi Brian,
Just wanted to say thanks for doing the inspection for Mike xxxxx.  I thought the report was well done and very professional.  Look forward to working with you again!

David xxxxxx ,Associate Broker

Keller Williams 1st Realty


On several occassions, our real estate team, BuyLowSellHighTeam.com, LLC has contracted with Mr. Persons to conduct an inspection for one of our Buyers. All of Buyers that have used Mr. Persons have felt confidence that their new home was a good investment. They stated to us that Mr. Persons, while professional, was personable and thorough. If you are looking for an honest inspector who will work well not only with you, but with your Buyers, I would highly recommend him to you.

Sherilyn Cervantes



Word of mouth is sometimes the best advertising.

The two Inspections you did for me were extremely well prepared and completed in a timely fashion.

I will not hesitate to send more your way.


Major mortgage lender-WF

  • Front Range Home Inspections Was Awesome!

    by fis4her at 3/30/2010 Front Range Home Inspection Brian Persons is too good to be true - but he is true to his word, reliable and very professional. I live in California an purchase a town house for a rental - to my #1 son. My bis was accepted on Sunday and I called Brian at 8:15 am on Monday. I had the full Inspection report emailed to me by 4:30 pm on MONDAY!!! In California this is NOT possible! The report was VERY complete with pictures and text inserts to explain what you should be looking at. Excellent! He even welcomed my son to go on the inspection and carefully explained every issue and problem too my son. My son (being 26 and a Mr Know it All) was very impressed with Brian and talked about what a very nice man he was and a complete professional. I highly recommend him for any of your inspection needs!

Blessing - Robert Windisc

"Brian Persons was an insurance field inspector for Survey Associates Inc. Brian took great pride in the quality of the reports he submitted. The reports were complete and neatly put together. Brian displayed excellent organization skills and time management. Brian had 30 days to complete inspections from the date received and a large territory to manage. Brian would manage to complete 60-100 inspections a week. Brian was willing to travel and complete cases outside his territory to help the company with time service. Brian worked independently with minimal supervision and was a self starter that would keep the level of communication up with the office staff when needed. Brian was a hard worker for us and I am sure he would work just as hard for you."

Greg Mock
Regional Manager.
Survey Assoc


"I did receive the report. Thank you for your assistance, the information you put in the report will help me start planning and saving to get the house in proper order.Thank you for taking the time to drive out here to do the inspection."

Thanks again,
Ross Bledsoe
Otis Colorado

Thank you very much for the inspection, we really enjoyed your insight into the property. Look forward to working with you in the future."

Robbie Ballard
Account Manager
Lockton Companies LLC

"I love the report including the photos. We truly appreciate your prompt
attention & willingness to go to locations that are not always
convenient. Thanks!"

Jennifer Murray
Equable Investment Corporation